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The main objectives for establishing the ‘Rubu’ Qarn' for Creating Leaders and Innovators include the following:

To activate and consolidate the efforts of the Foundation's affiliated institutions by developing and modernizing curricula, training programs and innovative activities that contribute to developing the talents and abilities of children, adolescents and youth, and to ensure on-going monitoring at various age levels.

To achieve the best investment in the capacities of children, adolescents and youth with the aim of benefiting the UAE and the Emirate, and serving the international community.

To enhance the role of young cadres in business and project management, with the aim of raising competitive levels as a pivotal center in these fields.

To create a program for professional development.

The Foundation shall work on achieving its objectives through exercising the following mandates:

Developing a unified strategic plan for the Foundation's four affiliated institutions to activate and optimize efforts and supervise implementation.

Developing the skills, talents and abilities of children, adolescents and youth, in addition to qualifying them and providing them with what they need to be creative, innovative and inventive, and offering them the necessary support and care.

Cooperating and liaising with all governmental and private bodies, individuals and employees within the community service in the fields of education, art, culture and sports.

Adopting specialized qualification courses and certificates, and accrediting lecturers, trainers and activists.

Executing contracts, agreements and memorandums of understanding with similar institutions and other concerned institutions and entities.

Seeking the assistance of specialized consultants and experts to benefit from their expertise and achieve the Foundation's objectives.

The Foundation's Board of Trustees is also charged with overseeing the drawing up of the general policies of affiliated institutions and supervising implementation. Additionally the board is charged with legislating the administrative and financial regulations, approving required allocations, approving the annual plan submitted by the Foundation's project development team, and supervising the preparation of annual reports and submitting the same to the chairman.

Sharjah Children

Sharjah Children:

Nurtures children (girls and boys) 6 to 12 years old

Sharjah Youth

Sharjah Youth:

Grows adolescents’ capacities (boys only)13 to 18 years old

Sharjah Youth

Sajaya Young Ladies of Sharjah:

Grows adolescents’ capacities (girls only)13 to 18 years old

Sharjah Youth

Sharjah Capability Development:

Supports Youth (males and females)19 years old and above

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