Rubu’ Qarn (RQ), was established in September 2016 by H.H. Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, wife of the Ruler of Sharjah, Chairperson of Rubu’ Qarn for creating future leaders and innovators. It is the first UAE, Arab and regional initiative to grow an Emirati generation capable of leading and influencing the future.

Rubu’ Qarn is the umbrella for four Sharjah-based entities: Sharjah Children, Sharjah Youth, Sajaya Young Ladies of Sharjah, and Sharjah for Capability Development.

While maintaining their financial and administrative autonomy, Rubu’ Qarn undertakes the task of developing a unified strategic plan for these four institutions in order to increase the efficiency and achieve the optimal investment of capacities and resources. This will be through having an integrated system of learning and development programs, and research and studies, in which it benefits the members, achieves sustainability and serves the community of Sharjah and the United Arab Emirates, as well as the International community.


A community partner in developing mindful and influential generations.


Achieve sustainable integration among RQ entities through the design and delivery of programs, activities and events which fulfill the needs of the future, in collaboration with local and international partners; aiming at unleashing, developing, and investing in the potential of children, adolescents and youth in an Emirati environment which inspires creativity and innovation to develop mindful and influential generations.


Our work environment inspires creativity and innovation as well as encourages positive change.

We are committed to developing institutional work through the implementation of continuous improvement initiatives.

We foresee future when planning and developing our services as well as we keep pace with the latest developments.

We encourage participants to be curious so that they think differently and implement new ideas in reality.

We work as a team and we respect diverse cultures.

We believe that employees’ engagement is necessary; therefore, we encourage our employees to voice their opinions as well as to take decisions that advance and improve the institutional work.

We are committed to work collaboratively with all relevant parties (e.g. parents, government and private sectors, Ministry of Education, and others) because we believe in role integration for promoting the Emirate of Sharjah.

Through adequate liaison with the concerned entities, we welcome special needs people and encourage them to participate in our programs, activities, and events.

We develop our programs, activities, and events in a way that fosters teamwork among all different participants.

We support our employees and encourage them to excel and achieve the desired results.

We build effective partnerships with the concerned entities in order to support and optimize the investment in talents.

We unleash the participants’ potential and develop their skills in order for them to be influential individuals in the society, i.e. having a positive fingerprint in all aspects of life.

We provide our employees, participants, and visitors with a healthy and safe environment.

We are committed to developing our employees’ competences, to helping them succeed, and to empowering them.

We welcome participants, contain them, respect their differences, and maintain their safety and security while among us.

We comply with all relevant rules and regulations in the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Sharjah.

Our employees are exemplary role models and they possess authentic values.

We work on building a human being who enjoys good manners, masters his work, and promotes the United Arab Emirates in general and the Emirate of Sharjah in particular.

We ensure social sustainability when executing our programs, activities, and events.

We develop the human capital to support the economic sustainability of the United Arab Emirates in general and the Emirate of Sharjah in particular.

We are committed to environmental sustainability through fostering practices that preserve environment.

We invest our resources in an optimal manner that ensures sustaining them.

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